Being depressed…

Being depressed and sad is easy when things don’t go your way but remember-it is much more easier to be happy. Smile 🙂


You can have ev…

You can have everything in the world that you want…..but one thing at a time

Rome was not built in a day.All the empires in the world were built on the back of one man who rose through the ranks and became a general.A general who laid the foundation for his future empire on the back of a small village.And that small village was on the back of tireless effort, patience, an insurmountable quantum of courage and above all TIME.

Lets take a look at the corollary.What if everything you wanted was given to you the same day???What if whatever you desired, you find materialized when you get up????What else is left in your life to do then????. What else do you have to work for????You might as well hit it off for the Himalayas and become a monk.

I am sure, if you take sometime off to consider the above, you would much rather prefer to slog it out day after day, getting one thing at a time instead.

Getting everything at once only happens to the extremely lucky who win the lottery, who more often than not squander it by getting too cocky.I personally don’t believe in lotteries and I sure as hell don’t want everything at once. I don’t want myself robbed of all the different experiences that I’ll encounter on the way to everything I want.

“Always behave …

“Always behave like a duck,calm and unruffled on the surface but paddle with great vigor underneath”-unknown

A quote that i read back in school in one of my notebooks. I used to have these notebooks with inspirational quotes and fun facts printed at the front and at the back(to inspire kids I’d say but sadly never worked on me when it came to filling them with what was taught). It must have been more than a decade and somehow this is the only quote that stuck mostly cos I am the exact opposite and probably cos I use it as a benchmark. I do remember throwing it around whenever I could get a chance to speak publicly in school and college, mostly as something that would draw attention but then over time it has become something that i would love to live by. A long way to go before I can quote this as an example from my life but I don’t see myself giving up.

Pity I can’t remember more from those colorful little notebooks but then what’s google for???… 🙂