I did not change my title. I am pretty content with it as I spent a pretty long time contemplating on the right title.I did change my tagline though, as there was none before.So let this post be about the thought process that went into choosing this title.

Why did I choose this title???? Cos at present I have no idea as to how this blog will look a couple of months down the line. The kind of content I publish on it, I will decide on that as time takes its course. At present I am very happy writing about whatever it is that I feel like writing.Anything that catches my eye comes out in the form of a post on this blog.

For me this is my ‘little space on the internet'(I saw this line in somebody’s comment somewhere, can’t remember who though).My space where I live whichever way I see fit.

I have so many interests, so many hobbies that it is just next to impossible to write about anything in particular. I am a die hard fan of anything that moves on 2 wheels, I love travelling- glad to say my profession has compensated me on that front quite well, reading,running,swimming. Though trying to cut down on excess fat, I love eating.The adventurist within is always aching to try anything new.

The fact is I get bored very easily with the monotony of life. The monotony of doing the same thing over and over again drives me nuts.I like having an opinion about everything and if I don’t then I find out and make an opinion then.

I work for about 8 months every year in batches,7 days a weeks,being on call 24 hrs a day and the close to 4 months that I do get to spend at home, I spend them doing just about anything that pops into my head.

I like being ‘the jack of all trades’, throwing in a little bit of my hard earned wisdom into any conversation that I see myself fit to be a part of.


As for the updated tagline-well that’s something I’d like to leave for a post later down the line.



I am your shadow,

Wherever you go I always follow.

When you are away,

There is nothing else for me to do.

I cannot go out alone.

For I am too small, the others,too big.

They laugh!!

I bark at them,

Furious I tell them-wait till my brother gets back.

Attached is a picture of Oren. He is a brave little thing but only when me or my father are around.Otherwise you can very well call him a mouse.He’s been with us for more than 2 years now and it’s been nothing but a pleasure to have him.WP_20140411_15_49_57_Pro


The fifty shows how gets scared by anything even slightly bigger than him (yes, plants included) and the brother being referred t is offcourse ME.

This also happens to be my first ‘fifty’.It might be shit but I do hope atleast the pic is worth your time spent reading this.





Hey guys!!!My name is Vikas Reddy. I started blogging about a month and a half back. I used to blog under a pseudonym before but after having mustered enough courage and on the back of some constant bickering by a friend, I finally started blogging under my name.

By trade I am a marine engineer.At present am at home on my well deserved leave for the next few months and hence I decided to use this time to do something constructive and build my blog.I started blogging with the sole purpose of trying to become a better writer and storyteller. I do hope to get published someday.God knows what the content of that book might be though but then that’s what wordpress is for-to experiment with your writing and storytelling abilities till you attain perfection.

Everything in this world takes it’s own sweet time to grow.And the same thing is applicable to my blog.Just like parents raise their kids and hope to be proud of them someday, I hope that sometime down the line, my blog has enough creative content to fill me with the same pride. That’s precisely the reason why I blog. Maintaining a journal offcourse gets you into the habit of writing on a regular basis but it is hard to get the kind of inputs that you can expect from the blogging world.

Blogging not only gives me the opportunity to read pieces published by somebody sitting in the other corner of the world but also the tools to connect to with like minded people. I am yet to receive some criticism about my writing abilities though but would love to receive them as I start connecting and bonding with the enormous blogging community of wordpress.

If I can think about where I would a year hence with my blog,then I would like to look at myself with some really fascinating and creative pieces that any publisher would give his right arm to publish but more importantly having developed the skill set to tell an ordinary story into extraordinary tale.

As I recently read on the blog of the ‘Bookgirl’-so much to read and so little time. I do hope to read as much as possible and no better place than a blogging community and guess what- It’s free!!!!


I was going through this post the other day on http://adoptingjames.wordpress.com/ which highlighted the difference between a story teller and a writer and how difficult it is for people to master both.People more often than not settle for the one they can find their niche in. It made me think about which one of the two I would like to find my niche in, if i can’t do so in both.

When I think about writers, the images that come to my mind are of people at par with William Shakespeare, sitting at a river bank somewhere composing ballads or poems. People with above average intelligence are most likely the ones who end up understanding and then enjoying them.The ability to exercise expertise on your chosen language and making it into a craft is probably best left to scholars.

Storytelling on the other hand is the lesser qualified and more glorified cousin of writing. A craft that needs no education and no experience.With only imagination and the creativity of your mind, a story not worth telling becomes a story worth sharing.In contrast to writing, a story can be told in whichever way the author sees fit and in whichever language he feels like sharing.There are no binding rules.A decent command over the language in which the story is written together with a well thought out plot is all that the author needs to make sure his audience finds him instead of him looking for them.

But then for some,the select few, both the eloquence of the language they write in together with their storytelling abilities, go hand in hand. A trade mastered after years and years of practice( and of failing) and patience.

So which one of the two would I like to be????If I can’t master both(though I try), then I will any day settle to be a story teller instead of a writer. Like everything else in the world, practice and patience are key elements in this art as well.

Stories can be found in anything people do.One doesn’t have to be an actor or a sport star to make their stories connect with people. But what they do need is a well though out plot which again requires experience. The same experience which comes out of churning really bad (and at times pathetic) posts which are masterpieces to nobody else but you.

So here is to some really pathetic posts, pieces of fiction and the infinite number of brain rants which I hope to use as my launchpad in my endeavour to find my niche in storytelling. And if good enough, to becoming a better writer as well.


Writerly Inspirations

Everyday I dream about coming out with a kick ass post that’ll get me hundreds and hundreds of followers and page visits. I sit down in front of my computer and then the thinking process starts. A never ending cyclical process which comes back to the same place it started- To the point of no origin. 😦

I usually do end up writing about something and as I start nearing the end of the post, I can’t help but wonder-‘ Have I made the post too long or does it end right after it starts???’ Making it too long will only make the reader lose interest half way through( if he/she decides to get that far that is) and making it too short will result into inadequate content.

As I go through the blogs of the other insanely followed and highly liked bloggers, comparisons with their writing abilities to mine fall on the wrong side of ‘normal’.

I now understand how difficult it must be for writers to stretch a plot into a full fledged novel whereas I might just wrap the entire thing up in less than a page.

Comparisons are inevitable but the only light I find at the end of the tunnel is the cliched ‘being me will set me apart’. I have always thought that if people could just sit down and start writing about their experiences over the years, then they would never have to run out of ideas and inspiration for their next great post.

An event in your life which might seem unworthy of mention and inconsequential at the time of occurrence, might hold everybody’s fancy at the time you decide to shape it into a story.

From being the nerd in school to being the same nerd ten years hence,from the people you meet to the ones you will never meet again( I copied this line from the post of another blogger. It’s easier being unoriginal πŸ™‚ he he) and the events in between all have a story waiting to be showcased to the world.

Anybody and everybody’s life is filled with experiences original in creativity and solidity( then why o why did I copy the line above 😦 ). Storytelling is an art that a lot of people try but just a few succeed through hours and hours of blank and thoughtless staring at monitors.

A great piece of fiction might just stem out of your visit to the supermart or even your experiences travelling to the remotest part of the globe might just sound like a load of ‘horseshit’ to people if you don’t tell them right.

The number people starting their blogs easily range into hundreds if not thousands everyday and each has a different story to tell in a different way with thoughts ranging from the royalties of grandeur to being able to tell a story to the audience of the big bad monster called the internet.

My inspiration to write comes solely from the fact of having loads and loads of time at hand over the next few months that I spend at home. Being able to pen my thoughts and experiences stemming from the ordinary and trying to turn into something extraordinary.

If I can tell one story, just one story at the end of the next few months which captivates and moves my audience, then it would be worth all the time spent staring thoughtlessly at my monitor.


Everyday I go through the agony of a promise left unfulfilled. Promises made to myself. A new promise made to myself at night which I hope to see fulfilled in the morning through a disciplined effort over time.And then to see it shrink back into the darkness like a vampire cringing back at dawn.Promises of starting my day early and going out for a jog, hitting the gym after, swapping my winter clothes for summer wear, cleaning my house,waxing my bike,writing a kick ass post, going to bed early and the list goes on and on. But the fact that I am at the liberty of snuggling back into my bed in the morning(and anytime thereafter) only makes me abuse it.

From being on call 24 Β hrs a day, 7 days a week at sea Β to being a lazy bum at home, the change is just as turbulent as the weather while I sail. Spending the first few days lazing around is understandable but the entire course of my stay at home gets defined by the odd hours I follow initially (or is that an excuse that I make up to make myself feel better). I do end up hitting the gym eventually everyday but the timings are just as odd and my morning runs inevitably wait for the next morning. I should probably have the word ‘TOMORROW’ painted on my walls(It’s past midnight as I write this and I am quite sure I’ll end seeing the hypothetical ‘Tomorrow’ painted on the walls in the morning).

The pride of being bang on time day after day at work(maybe five mins late but that’s that), of being regular with everything at sea turns me into the exact opposite (rather brings out my true nature). The lack of a schedule, of something concrete to do, living with no agenda on mind for what to the next day can make you feel extremely wasted. Any given day has 24 hrs to fill and every waking hr for me is a concerted effort at finding something constructive to do and the failure to find anything only pushes me back into bed(another day wasted 😦 ).

Evenings are all about having coffee with friends and coming up with all sorts of ideas(exactly the kind you’d find in movies where drinking buddies catch up everyday for a few beers at a pub somewhere). An hour and a half spent there, 90 mins or so spent in the gym, another hr or so spent thinking about writing a kick ass post and 8 hrs of sleep defines the crust of everyday spent at home. Jeez man, that still leaves me 12 hrs short!!!! and before I know it these 8 hrs of sleep will turn into half a day in bed.

There is still a while left before I go back to sea, falling into a routine thus but till then I guess I’ll have to keep making these false promises to myself,run directionless like a headless chicken with the hope that at least one of them might fall into place and putting the head back on hence.




Well it took me three weeks and 2 days to get to my first follower. I know in comparison, the stats of my blog stay buried under the ground to veteran bloggers but then everything in it is entirely mine and whatever that has gone into it is a product of my effort to write something good and it makes me proud.

The surprise i got when i logged in this morning and saw JENNI (thank you ever so much for taking time out to go through what i wrote,highly envious of your blog yet inspired) following my blog-my first ever follower was to say the least genuine. The effort it took to stop blogging under a pseudonym, to overcome the skepticism at sharing my thoughts with the world now stands justified(dramatic but then it’s me).

Writing can be addictive and when an addiction meets appreciation, the concoction can be highly potent and it is with the hope of furthering the potency of this concoction that i write this, partly inspired by AILSA MACNAB’s latest post (congratulations for you half century of followers).

So this one here is to penning down my thoughts and afterthoughts with as much regularity and clarity as i can.

cheers…. πŸ™‚