Being depressed…

Being depressed and sad is easy when things don’t go your way but remember-it is much more easier to be happy. Smile 🙂



I was going through this post the other day on which highlighted the difference between a story teller and a writer and how difficult it is for people to master both.People more often than not settle for the one they can find their niche in. It made me think about which one of the two I would like to find my niche in, if i can’t do so in both.

When I think about writers, the images that come to my mind are of people at par with William Shakespeare, sitting at a river bank somewhere composing ballads or poems. People with above average intelligence are most likely the ones who end up understanding and then enjoying them.The ability to exercise expertise on your chosen language and making it into a craft is probably best left to scholars.

Storytelling on the other hand is the lesser qualified and more glorified cousin of writing. A craft that needs no education and no experience.With only imagination and the creativity of your mind, a story not worth telling becomes a story worth sharing.In contrast to writing, a story can be told in whichever way the author sees fit and in whichever language he feels like sharing.There are no binding rules.A decent command over the language in which the story is written together with a well thought out plot is all that the author needs to make sure his audience finds him instead of him looking for them.

But then for some,the select few, both the eloquence of the language they write in together with their storytelling abilities, go hand in hand. A trade mastered after years and years of practice( and of failing) and patience.

So which one of the two would I like to be????If I can’t master both(though I try), then I will any day settle to be a story teller instead of a writer. Like everything else in the world, practice and patience are key elements in this art as well.

Stories can be found in anything people do.One doesn’t have to be an actor or a sport star to make their stories connect with people. But what they do need is a well though out plot which again requires experience. The same experience which comes out of churning really bad (and at times pathetic) posts which are masterpieces to nobody else but you.

So here is to some really pathetic posts, pieces of fiction and the infinite number of brain rants which I hope to use as my launchpad in my endeavour to find my niche in storytelling. And if good enough, to becoming a better writer as well.


“Always behave …

“Always behave like a duck,calm and unruffled on the surface but paddle with great vigor underneath”-unknown

A quote that i read back in school in one of my notebooks. I used to have these notebooks with inspirational quotes and fun facts printed at the front and at the back(to inspire kids I’d say but sadly never worked on me when it came to filling them with what was taught). It must have been more than a decade and somehow this is the only quote that stuck mostly cos I am the exact opposite and probably cos I use it as a benchmark. I do remember throwing it around whenever I could get a chance to speak publicly in school and college, mostly as something that would draw attention but then over time it has become something that i would love to live by. A long way to go before I can quote this as an example from my life but I don’t see myself giving up.

Pity I can’t remember more from those colorful little notebooks but then what’s google for???… 🙂