Being depressed…

Being depressed and sad is easy when things don’t go your way but remember-it is much more easier to be happy. Smile 🙂


You can have ev…

You can have everything in the world that you want…..but one thing at a time

Rome was not built in a day.All the empires in the world were built on the back of one man who rose through the ranks and became a general.A general who laid the foundation for his future empire on the back of a small village.And that small village was on the back of tireless effort, patience, an insurmountable quantum of courage and above all TIME.

Lets take a look at the corollary.What if everything you wanted was given to you the same day???What if whatever you desired, you find materialized when you get up????What else is left in your life to do then????. What else do you have to work for????You might as well hit it off for the Himalayas and become a monk.

I am sure, if you take sometime off to consider the above, you would much rather prefer to slog it out day after day, getting one thing at a time instead.

Getting everything at once only happens to the extremely lucky who win the lottery, who more often than not squander it by getting too cocky.I personally don’t believe in lotteries and I sure as hell don’t want everything at once. I don’t want myself robbed of all the different experiences that I’ll encounter on the way to everything I want.


Over the years i have seen so many people, including myself, striving for some sort of completion.Be it in relationships, in your career, on a spiritual level and so on and so forth. People are so focused on the presence of something in their lives that they forget to give its absence, its due importance.

A few nights back, staying up late into the night, i found myself wondering about the consequences of completion. What would completion add to my life????What will it bring that i don’t have already???The answer i found myself most satisfied with was the exact corollary to completion. I found myself happy being incomplete in everything- incomplete in my relationships, incomplete at what i do for a living and incomplete at everything i do.

And what is it that makes me so happy about being incomplete????? What does it bring to my life that the completion so longed for overtime in my life cannot bring????

Here is my theory.

There are 2 ways of dealing with something that’s missing in your life:

1)Being grumpy and not doing anything about it, the effects of which define the way your life shapes up.


2)Accepting the absence of things you longed for and working tirelessly to attain their presence.

I will any day accept and resign myself to this second theory.

The fact that i do not want to see myself complete with any woman will be the reason that will make me go over and above to make sure that I keep the spark alive(call it puppy love lasting a lifetime but isn’t that the best kind).Living a normal relationship-where’s the fun in it???The fact that i do not want to attain completion at what i do at work will be the reason why i will never be content with my accomplishments and my goals will rise exponentially.

Completion is not complete in itself,It is a measure of the littlest of little things summed up together giving a meaning to you.It is a fact that when you look back at things you accomplished overtime, you cannot help but wonder how much more you could have added to it. That feeling of completion at that particular time is a sense of being incomplete at a time when times are talked of in retrospect.

The feeling of being complete breeds the want of being more complete which in itself is a testimony to incompletion, it is thus this feeling of incomplete completion that defines the basis of our lives.

In the end ask not what completion will bring for you, ask what its absence will make you do.