25th April 2017: Day 2 Auckland

25th April 2017
After missing out the sunrise at mount Eden promising to make up for the loss the next day, the two of us were up by 1030 and out by 11ish for the first attraction of the day-the Sky tower observatory. We checked in with our pre booked vouchers and also got ourselves an entrance for 8 nzd for night view of the Sky tower. Located on the 51st floor it offers a 360 degree view of Auckland. It was the day when new Zealand celebrates its independence day and also when the world masters games in new Zealand were in full swing so needless to say, it was packed by both locals and foreign athletes alike. Wouldn’t say that it took my breath away but it was still worth doing when it’s your first time in Auckland. Its also where they offer a proxy bungee called the sky jump-more of a controlled jump than a free fall so we gave it a miss since it was on the cards in queenstown. Once we were done with the view there, I went down to the 50th floor to the Sky cafe for a coffee and madhuri settles for an ice cream. Once done we headed off to raviz again for yet another round of desi veggie Khana and as usual we over ordered and struggled to finish. Sadly we ended up wasting quite a bit.
We then headed down to the viaduct and the harbour bridge on foot. The harbour bridge is a place where they have all these restaurants and cafes and the maritime museum together with the marina where people have their boats berthed. We wanted to take a ride on the sea plane but for some reason our amex card didn’t come through so the payment couldn’t be completed. Since we left our other card back in the room and I didn’t want to spend all the cash that we had just on our second day into new Zealand, we decided to come back the next morning to do it.
Feeling disappointed we headed to the maritime museum but sadly that too was closed for all tours for the day as it was already past 1600.
Feeling dejected again we started walking back to the rydges, stopping by at a convenience store to pick up a few fruits and then walked right into st. Patrick’s cathedral right next to the rydges. After spending a little time there we went to our room and to sleep it off for a bit.
We googled about almost everything that people could do in auckland at night but sadly apart from the pubs and night clubs everything else closes by 1900 tops.
So after freshening up, we were off again walking the streets of downtown Auckland (which I think is the best way to explore a city) and after controlling my shopaholic wife from splurging (he he) , I had myself a big fat chicken burger at the world famous mc Donalds 😉 . He he
While walking further along queens street, we heard some really loud desi music playing at one of the amphitheatres. So out of curiosity we dropped in check it out. Turns out it was a few new Zealand settled Indians having a gala time dancing to desi beats.
We headed off to sky tower once again for the night view stopping by @ Gloria jeans for a coffee. Once done we checked into the Sky tower and after spending a little time there, we came back down undecided whether or not to head back down to harbour street for a walk or back to the hotel. Finally better sense prevailed and we came back to our room.
Auckland sky planes first thing tomm and then drive down to whitianga to explore the coromandel and if up on time for sunrise, then mount Eden. 🙂


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