There are a lot of things left to do and a lot of places left to see before I’d be able to say that I lived the good life.Not that I think that my life is lacking in anyway whatsoever (except for the more than occasional bout of procrastination when I am at home, it’s more or less perfect).

I met a dear friend the other day who told me just how much she’d love to travel solo.To just pack her bags and hit the road.As it happens the thought of travelling solo has been on my mind for a while.Call it a state of inertia or getting stuck with something or the other at home, the thought has just somehow not been able to materialize.

As I type this, I find myself making plans for the weekend to bike it out and meet my brother in Jaipur. The thought of stuffing my dust covered back pack and riding away to an easy 300 km ride from Delhi. It would also give my bike the much needed mileage it’s been aching to get for the better part of the last two yrs.

The best part about travelling solo is the ease with which you can plan the entire itinerary based on your convenience.No need to wait for somebody to catch up and no fear of being left behind.The freedom to stop and to start at will.

And the added advantage of clicking a bunch of photographs and having enough material for my next post. Yayy.

So here is to the coming weekend,my bike and the road to Jaipur.




  1. I think the idea is a nice one but I have always found that when I go on a wonderful adventure alone, I am always looking beside me for someone to share it with. “OMG isn’t that sunset gorgeous” only to realize I’m taking to myself. I guess I’m one who always thinks life is better shared.

    1. i would love that feeling…the feeling when you share that sunset with somebody special… but you see at times all you need is that ‘me’ time….the kind of freedom where you can just take off for a while…no questions asked…lends a lot of perspective…

  2. I think traveling solo has become a scary thing for women in India, and possibly most places. I’m so jealous of men , who can just pick up their bikes and head out the door :).

    Enjoy the Jaipur trip– and some of the good lassi while you’re there.

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