I am your shadow,

Wherever you go I always follow.

When you are away,

There is nothing else for me to do.

I cannot go out alone.

For I am too small, the others,too big.

They laugh!!

I bark at them,

Furious I tell them-wait till my brother gets back.

Attached is a picture of Oren. He is a brave little thing but only when me or my father are around.Otherwise you can very well call him a mouse.He’s been with us for more than 2 years now and it’s been nothing but a pleasure to have him.WP_20140411_15_49_57_Pro


The fifty shows how gets scared by anything even slightly bigger than him (yes, plants included) and the brother being referred t is offcourse ME.

This also happens to be my first ‘fifty’.It might be shit but I do hope atleast the pic is worth your time spent reading this.






  1. nicely written Vikas–why do you doubt and think it’s a ‘shit?’ you’re very wrong my friend…
    i love the concept–the message of it! though im not really into dogs–but at least i love cats…anyway…

    here’s what i notice:

    your fifty is not actually fifty, when i paste the words into Microsoft Word, you miss something that the Microsoft Word didn’t…now don’t be mad at me, just a few little changes to your fifty and off you go..change your line 3 from “when you’re away (this is just 3 letters)” into “when you are away (now this is 4 letters)” and change your line 4 from “There is nothing to do” into “there is nothing else to do” and then copy them all again and paste them into Microsoft Words (or count the words again manually), you will find it now to be “FIFTY WORDS”

    I suggest that you use a writing software when you write your fifty, VIkas, like for example, Microsoft Word. It’s not a necessary but it can help you in double checking your number of words, since the words number really matter in FIFTY.

    that’s just my cents, alright?! above all, i love you first entry! and the concept! keep writing!

    1. he he he…thank you for the encouragement….and the words of wisdom…i’ll edit it asap…i did the manual count of words but i’ll keep this in mind from now on and use M S WORD instead….good to find a great critic in you….and hope to keep coming out with more fifties 🙂

    2. edited and published….thanks for the tip jenine…man it helped…now the above is exactly fifty words…i pasted it in MS WORD and turns out it was only 48 words…i edited line 4 but with a little improv on my end to reach fifty…. and now as you said…im all set and raring to go for my second fifty… 🙂

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