Writerly Inspirations

Everyday I dream about coming out with a kick ass post that’ll get me hundreds and hundreds of followers and page visits. I sit down in front of my computer and then the thinking process starts. A never ending cyclical process which comes back to the same place it started- To the point of no origin. 😦

I usually do end up writing about something and as I start nearing the end of the post, I can’t help but wonder-‘ Have I made the post too long or does it end right after it starts???’ Making it too long will only make the reader lose interest half way through( if he/she decides to get that far that is) and making it too short will result into inadequate content.

As I go through the blogs of the other insanely followed and highly liked bloggers, comparisons with their writing abilities to mine fall on the wrong side of ‘normal’.

I now understand how difficult it must be for writers to stretch a plot into a full fledged novel whereas I might just wrap the entire thing up in less than a page.

Comparisons are inevitable but the only light I find at the end of the tunnel is the cliched ‘being me will set me apart’. I have always thought that if people could just sit down and start writing about their experiences over the years, then they would never have to run out of ideas and inspiration for their next great post.

An event in your life which might seem unworthy of mention and inconsequential at the time of occurrence, might hold everybody’s fancy at the time you decide to shape it into a story.

From being the nerd in school to being the same nerd ten years hence,from the people you meet to the ones you will never meet again( I copied this line from the post of another blogger. It’s easier being unoriginal πŸ™‚ he he) and the events in between all have a story waiting to be showcased to the world.

Anybody and everybody’s life is filled with experiences original in creativity and solidity( then why o why did I copy the line above 😦 ). Storytelling is an art that a lot of people try but just a few succeed through hours and hours of blank and thoughtless staring at monitors.

A great piece of fiction might just stem out of your visit to the supermart or even your experiences travelling to the remotest part of the globe might just sound like a load of ‘horseshit’ to people if you don’t tell them right.

The number people starting their blogs easily range into hundreds if not thousands everyday and each has a different story to tell in a different way with thoughts ranging from the royalties of grandeur to being able to tell a story to the audience of the big bad monster called the internet.

My inspiration to write comes solely from the fact of having loads and loads of time at hand over the next few months that I spend at home. Being able to pen my thoughts and experiences stemming from the ordinary and trying to turn into something extraordinary.

If I can tell one story, just one story at the end of the next few months which captivates and moves my audience, then it would be worth all the time spent staring thoughtlessly at my monitor.



  1. This captivated me because it is what you know, and it is familiar. I captured what I experience when I sit down to write. Do I look out my window to the dawn for ideas fresh as morning’s dew? Do I peruse the blogging world for ideas I can reshape and sculpt into my own? Do I stare at the screen awaiting a calling from the Holy Spirit, listening for the whisper that I pray will attend to me? Or do I look inside to the depths of my heart, revealing long-hidden treasures? No answers, only questions and a new canvas on which to paint.

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