I hate travelling in trains. I don’t remember the last time I travelled in one. There was a time when travelling in trains was a part of everything but as age and career progressed it sort of took a back seat. So it’s been more than 3 years since I travelled in a train last and now fresh from a train journey which lasted close to 32 hours, I can now clearly recollect why I hated it so much in the first place.

First off, the fact that I boarded this train instead of the one I was supposed to be on is due to a series of events better reserved for a later post. Since I missed my previous train and I was forced to make do with whatever was available, I set off on a train journey from New Delhi to Kolkata on this one. Never did I know that the journey which was supposed to take 24 hours will end up stretching well beyond 32 hours. I boarded the train at 6:30 in the morning. It started off well. Giving me company was a guy who was on his way for his selection into the Indian army.He gave me pretty good company till the evening and when he left, on came another middle aged guy replacing him, the only interaction with whom I had was when he helped me with some change the next morning.From that point on till the time I crashed ,it was a futile attempt at writing something for my next post .

After dinner it was time to sleep and just when I started to drift off into my dreamless wonderland, my neighbour started snoring. I had forgotten the time I used to carry ear muffs for such an eventuality. I mean, how could I have predicted in my naivete that I would have to put up with someone’s snoring.From there on out, it was all about biding my time till I was either too sleepy or for him to stop snoring.I could see a few others in the compartment cursing under their breath at the perpetrator of the said crime.It reached a head when I had to wake him up to stop snoring and let me sleep. To no avail though. Before no time he was back at it and I was up staring at the ceiling of the compartment.

I even tried moving onto another berth considering most of the compartment was vacant till that time but the future occupants showed up when I was deep into my sleep and was forced to move back to my original seat.It was close to 2 at night at that time and the difficulty it took to go back to sleep was a task which I regret accomplishing.

The morning next, I was up well before my neighbour and voila!!! He was sleeping quietly like a baby(wonder how that happened) and when he did wake up, it was as if the previous night never happened and the fact that I woke up him in between was an incident in his dreams.

I have always thought that people who snore are the best sleepers. They do not care what goes on around them (had they been, then their own snoring would have woken them up), nor are they perturbed about what people think. They just keep on snoring.

As I end this chain of thought, I can’t help but wonder about my sleeping habits. Would I be a better sleeper had I snored and if i did who the hell cares cos I have my entire apartment to myself?????I still wonder how veteran couples tolerate each other after years and years of courtship.

One thing is for sure though, I had forgotten how seasoned a train traveller I used to be back in my hay day but from here on out, never again will I travel without my headphones or ear muffs again.



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