I was watching this movie and i couldn’t help but make my own list of things to do before I take the high road(quoting khushwant singh, I’d like to believe I do have a lot of time before I can get around to doing all of them).

A few of them are exactly the same but still things on my to do list.

So here they go-

1)Sky dive. Not with a monkey on my back but being able to do it alone. Requires a licence which again requires a lot of assisted jumps. Hopefully I’d be able to do it one day.

2)Scale the tip of the Everest and watch the sunset. There is no sunrise over the Everest though.

3)Run the Boston marathon. Gosh I really need to start running again and improve my timings.

4)Be the author of a best seller and stay there at the top of that list for time immemorial.

5)Have my own boat and take it around the world solo (this is stretching it but then if a sailor can’t then no one can).

There is something or the other which takes root in my mind every now and then which just sticks till I get it and in effect I make the list longer still but growing older only makes the playground larger, so what’s the point of not having a long list. 🙂


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