I could never understand why people don’t like pets( dogs especially), some would even go to the extent of saying that they hate them. I am the proud owner (wish i could find a better word, owner sounds so demeaning to him) of a pug. All that the cute little thing wants to do is play and be cuddled. It’s been a little over 2 yrs since we got him and every day has been nothing but a pleasure of having him around. Nevertheless, this post is not about him.

I usually keep him (his name is oren by the way) with me during the nights these days, so i don’t have trouble at starting my day early( he wakes me up inevitably before 7) and my friends keep showing up, almost every night for a chilled one. Rakshit Gupta, a friend, who’s been to my place a few times earlier, never knew i had a dog,neither did I know that in the more than 24 years of him knowing this world, he has never petted a dog before. This particular night, both of them happened to be together at my pad along with another friend of my mine (vishvaas his name is).

I could see how uncomfortable he was whenever oren tried to go near Rakshit to play with him. He kept cringing back to avoid any contact with Oren. After numerous attempts at trying to get Rakshit to pet him and upon seeing his reluctance, Oren moved on to the next obvious choice-vishvaas, who was more than happy to oblige. Probably that was what Rakshit needed-seeing both me and vishvaas having fun with Oren.

It was then that Rakshit started to make an attempt to get friendly towards him. After a lot of reluctance on his part and seeing Oren busy with the 2 of us, he made a few a attempts to draw his attention and upon being confident that he wont bite, to my pleasure, he started getting on well with him. He even posed for a few pictures with Oren when he became comfortable.

I can now proudly say, that I played my part to perfection( a very little bit, not to take the credit away from rakshit and Oren) at making somebody with a fear of dogs be happy at having one around.

Dealing with dogs requires the sense to know which ones to keep a distance from and not messed around with. And I sincerely hope that Rakshit doesn’t get too corky and try getting too close to a Rottweiler.

Here is a picture of the New dog lover with the cutest little thing in the world.Image



  1. I’m glad to find another pug lover! I just discovered your blog, and I thought you might be interested in my book about pugs, “Funny Tails: Adventures and Misadventures in Living with Pugs,” which I’m posting FREE online, one chapter at a time. It’s a lighthearted look at 10 years of life with our own 3 pugs and various others that we’ve fostered for Pug Rescue of North Carolina . So far, my readers think the book is quite funny. I’d love to hear what other authors and pug folks such as yourself think about it. My website is
    Best wishes,
    Maija (pronounced My-uh)

    1. hey…thank u for dropping by….i just love my little one…slightly more than 2 yrs since we’ve had him…as i write this, he’s sitting on top of my head :)….will definitely give u my reviews on your books….
      cheers and regards…

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