Now as I write this, it takes me back to all the conversations(mostly one sided) I have had over the last so many years with my mother and countless other relatives(thankfully my father has spared me the agony so far) about the virtues of marriage and how important it is to move ahead in life and how stress free their lives would be as an effect. The attention I always liked to get, being the eldest in the entire family and the notoriety of being a brat( my father still calls me that) now places me at a disadvantage cos now the eldest son has grown up.

I have had my fair share of relationships over time, a few even coming close to getting me there but as the inevitable fate would have it, here I am still running amock at finding a link with somebody. The confusions never cease to end. Would i just end up in bed with somebody with only the sound of television filling the gap for the rest of my life?????How do i let MY living room/bedroom be OUR bedroom and be okay with it???? How do I know that the girl I love to be with now, would be the same girl I would be in love with 20 yrs hence and vice versa????Do I take a leap of faith or wait to be the knight in shining armor for the princess to be in my kingdom????

The problem is that I can go on and on with questions and the answers are answers that only the wise and old have.

The life of a single 27 year old guy(in India) is not exactly enviable if he chooses not to alter the status quo. The fact is, there is nothing that I find missing in my life and being happy just the way I am is an alien idea to everybody around me. Isn’t the entire point of doing anything, is to be able to add more value to what you already have. What I have in entirety is already over valued and thinking of somebody adding more value on top of it on an everyday basis is a value that I cant digest.To see my qualities turn into my better half’s itch would be the story of my life( I can’t be happier if somebody proves me wrong).

As i see it THE ONLY THING LEFT is one of 2 options-maintain status quo or risk it.As and when i decide upon the lesser of the afore mentioned evils,be sure it’ll be here.


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