Well it took me three weeks and 2 days to get to my first follower. I know in comparison, the stats of my blog stay buried under the ground to veteran bloggers but then everything in it is entirely mine and whatever that has gone into it is a product of my effort to write something good and it makes me proud.

The surprise i got when i logged in this morning and saw JENNI (thank you ever so much for taking time out to go through what i wrote,highly envious of your blog yet inspired) following my blog-my first ever follower was to say the least genuine. The effort it took to stop blogging under a pseudonym, to overcome the skepticism at sharing my thoughts with the world now stands justified(dramatic but then it’s me).

Writing can be addictive and when an addiction meets appreciation, the concoction can be highly potent and it is with the hope of furthering the potency of this concoction that i write this, partly inspired by AILSA MACNAB’s latest post (congratulations for you half century of followers).

So this one here is to penning down my thoughts and afterthoughts with as much regularity and clarity as i can.

cheers…. πŸ™‚



      1. Yeah, I have only been doing it for about 2 months but still learning myself. I wasn’t sure what they were at first either. Just make sure when you use them you separate each tag word with a comma- blogging, pets, life, random, relationships, and so on… those were a few to help you based on some of your posts I read. Hope that helps some.

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