Weekly challenge by wordpress. My short contribution. Some food for thought i hope.

Imagine a world where people were not given names, where places were just a dot on the map represented by lats and longs. how then will we address someone and expect the right person to respond??? how then will we be able to travel to our destination without being able to remember coordinates??? unimaginable right!!!

The fact that our language today helps us carry out our day to day functions is based solely on the names given to people,places,things,pets etc. Names provide the ease with which everything is distinguished and differentiated.The lack of names would have either eliminated the evolution of any language or would have resulted in an elaborate(to think of it-exhausting) exchange of words to convey our point.

Imagine the effort it might take when instead of telling the name of a place to the bus conductor, you have to tell him the co-ordinates or when calling the right person to your office would have meant going over to extend a personal invitation( either that or again a lengthy conversation trying to describe him to your subordinates).

Imagine what the first words out an infant who has just started talking would be without the advent of names. the entire human race would be stuck in an orangutanish limbo. The days of the cave man would be back. The right tools and intellect at hand but at a lack of names to address them with.

Any mental picture formed in our heads starts with a name. A name that decides the formation of the chain of thought.The same thoughts which would otherwise be scattered if not brought together by a common thread of a ‘name’.People,places,pets,objects- all have been allotted a certain place in our minds,kept in different cabinets or brought together by a name which has been given to them.

Lack of names renders speech useless. Being mute would be an easier proposition instead of using this faculty to describe something nameless.

The power of names renders us quite powerless without them.









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