Over the years, i always thought that at some point in time i would start writing,start documenting things on a day to day basis. But the consistency required for it was a quality that i somehow always lacked. More out of laziness than anything else i’d say. As an effect of this inconsistency, the many important events that did occur in my life over all these years, have now drawn blanks. Blanks ‘cos of the corrosion of memory with time and the end product of an event documented now, an event which occurred in a distant past lacks freshness.

Had i had more regularity, not only would i have done a world of good to my already deteriorated writing skill but would have also had the chance of revisiting the various milestones out of an eventful life- packing and moving from one place to another in my adolescence,my graduation from high school, the four yrs at college, heartbreaks, my first job, the many months at sea, being escorted by warships in pirate infested areas, watching a playful pod of dolphins racing the ship,the various countries i got to explore, the few goals that i met and the many that i did not.

All of these events now lack the necessary element of record and are now just fuzzy memories and sadly they only get fuzzier.

I cant promise consistency to myself (knowing myself so well), but what can i do is make a disciplined start and let time decide the fate of future memories.

Imagex-mas at sea…fond memories


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