something about everything and everything about nothing

as i write this, there is nothing particular going through my head. just a desire to write something about anything. there are no illusions of grandeur as to my ability with my writing abilities. at best i hope to be a decent read. after infinite attempts at writing and posting blogs under various pseudonyms, and having lost most of the gibberish(some of them good but most of them belong in the trash can) that i have written cos of a lack of memory with passwords coupled with a bit of a technical handicap with computers, here i am writing my first blog under my name. having mustered enough courage to make my blogs public under my own name is a question that i would leave unanswered for now. call it a sense of insecurity or call me a closet writer(as if…), i have never had the courage(which is debatable though) to publish them.the feeling mostly finds its roots in the feeling of being extremely guarded about my opinions, what i feel and most of all my personal life. writing unknowingly brings them out and would hate to publish something that can come back to bite me in the arse.

nevertheless that’s that about what goes on in my head about my penning abilities. moving on, there is a lot that i would like to write about and also almost nothing that i can think of. probably a generic mix of everything,a recipe which you come up with after putting in a variety of ingredients and hoping that when it comes out of the oven it tastes just good enough to satisfy your palate.

at the end of one day, in the process of an 8 hr sleep break(hopefully) and then the start of another one, the only thing that i’d be doing in between is write this. as i have written all of this and in the momentum of writing the next few lines i find myself running out of all the gibberish to write here, the sight of my bed is at present too hard to resist.

in the meanwhile i start watsapping a friend (losing my chain of thought in effect)who sort of coaxes me into publishing this(or rather bullies me instead). hope this post pulls me out of this state of inertia wen it comes to filling a blank piece of paper and i do it more often hopefully with everything about something.



  1. this “as i write this, there is nothing particular going through my head. just a desire to write something about anything.” I CAN SOOO RELATE. There are days that I don’t know what to write at all, but I just have the feeling of writing something–else, my brain explodes of not-writing at all.

    1. i have the same desire almost everyday….the monotony of the day is such that i can’t think of anything to fill the blank computer screen with….but trust me, once you get a move on from the state of inertia, writing about nothing turns out into writing about everything…

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